Courageous tales

Welcome to the World of Parenting The parenting job comes with innumerable beautiful moments, experiences and memories that are all openly shared in social media … it takes only a few minutes to appreciate beautiful photos that show us one of the sides of the parenthood… but there is a dark side instead. Today I talk about my experience as… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Parenting

Courageous tales

“We love what we attend”

“We love what we attend” – Reverend Mwalimu Imara To jump start my dating life, I hired a personal match maker. My first date was lunch at a restaurant down the street from where I lived. It was a last-minute invitation that left me with no more than a couple of hours to prepare. My… Continue reading “We love what we attend”

Concept articles

The Humbling Experience

  After 20 years of coaching leaders, I've noticed a pattern. Those leaders who are arrogant, who lack the appreciation for others strengths and contributions, will find themselves facing a very painful and humbling experience. Arrogance is the birthplace of The Humbling Experience. This I can tell you for sure, if you have been arrogant,… Continue reading The Humbling Experience