Angela Sebaly | CEO, Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and Mom

Angela Sebaly is a leadership development coach, co-founder and CEO of Personify Leadership and Principle Consultant of Invested Leadership. She has studied the experiences of leadership through coaching, facilitating and leading teams and organizations. At 20 years old Angela was already leading people in the hospitality industry and by the time she was 33 she was the Vice President of Leadership Development for a global oil, gas and chemicals inspection company. Now, she is an entrepreneur developing a global presence with her companies and products.

Angela is also the author of the new book “The Courageous Leader” derived from the work of Personify Leadership and based on The Spine of a Leader.

But Angela’s most cherished role is that of mom of two, Will and Cate. When she isn’t writing, speaking or traveling the world, she is most comfortable snuggled up on her couch, in her home in Fort Lauderdale, with her family and dog. Angela is an avid runner and self-help junkie who has made her life’s work education, communication and courage.