My Favorite Leader

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked for some difficult bosses. All special in their own way. I’ve even been a difficult boss myself. I prefer to think of myself as rehabilitated and now fighting the good fight to help rehabilitate other difficult bosses. Hardly, though, do we take enough time to acknowledge the good bosses in our life. We are grateful quietly for their efforts but rarely publicly. So today I wanted to take a minute to thank David Prince for being an incredible boss and leader.

I can tell you all kinds of reasons why Dave was my favorite boss. I could tell you stories of how he supported me during my first pregnancy, how we send my kids gifts, and how we used humor to lighten the work day. But ultimately what made Dave great was how he made me feel about the contributions I made to the team. I always felt that I had an equal voice and that I had a seat at the table.

Thank you Dave for being the kind of leader I get to brag about!


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