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The Humbling Experience


iStock_000069764873_MediumAfter 20 years of coaching leaders, I’ve noticed a pattern. Those leaders who are arrogant, who lack the appreciation for others strengths and contributions, will find themselves facing a very painful and humbling experience.


Arrogance is the birthplace of The Humbling Experience. This I can tell you for sure, if you have been arrogant, The Humbling Experience will find you. It is as if the God of our leadership evolution sees the ugliness in us and challenges it to a duo. The Humbling Experience can take many forms such as corrective feedback, demotion or maybe even termination. No matter what the form, it is imperative to learn from the experience so that it does not repeat itself.

There are three potential learning outcomes from The Humbling Experience; Self-Awareness, Connection and Transition from “I” to “We”.

If you are interested in learning more about The Humbling Experience, Angela will be speaking on the topic at the ATD International Conference in May. You can also bring her to your organization for a keynote address for your leaders.

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