Courageous tales

Beginning, Middle and End of Life

Last week was my daughter’s 100th day of kindergarten. At her school the kids dressed as 100 year olds and paraded around the school while parents took pictures and adored the wonderful irony of 5 year olds , just beginning their life, emulating the end of life.

Life is both mysterious and well known. I’m 41 and at the mid-point of my life. What I can say from my life experiences so far is we all have a strong intuition of what our life will hold. We know our ambition and what we want to accomplish. Whether we know how to get there or not we know we are the only one who stops us from achieving it. On the other hand, there are things we could never imagine or anticipate that happen too. These are the things we can’t control but we can only live through, good and bad.

For some of us having control and being responsible for the life we have is hard to swallow. For others it’s the things we can’t control that we struggle with more.

No matter what phase of life you are in I hope you will identify the things you want and can control to reach out and take. I also wish for you the more difficult task of surrendering to the parts of our life we can’t control.


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