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New Year + Best = Reset 


After running a half marathon this weekend, my brother-in-law text me and asked me how I did. I told him it wasn’t my best race. His response was enlightening. He texted back, “But it was your best for 2017 right?”. He went on to explain that we all have so much going on- kids, work, life- that to expect that we are always going to be getting better at something is not realistic. As a matter of fact, he shared an equation. New Year + Best= Reset. In other words, the older you get and the more variables you have in your life, your best is going to look different. Each year, we should re-evaluate or reset how we define our best.  I like that idea. It doesn’t mean we are lowering the bar of expectations, it means we are being realistic about what we can expect from ourselves. It also mean’s being realistic about priorities. I didn’t run my best race because I spent the month before focused more on kids and holidays. That isn’t being lazy, that’s reprioritization. I still got out and exercised, I just didn’t give running my best.

It’s now February 3rd and rather than giving up on our New Year’s Resolutions that are proving difficult, maybe we should look at them again with fresh eyes and determine if we need to reset our goals. So with that in mind, I can confidently share that last weekend, I ran my best race!



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