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This Is How You Write a Book

Recently I read an article from an author who recounted that he wished he had shared more of the writing process with his readers before he launched his book. Based on his research, sharing the steps leading up to the book launch is just as important as the book launch itself. Well, my book was officially launched yesterday and pre-orders for books are already coming in. Where was this article a year ago? However, that doesn’t have to stop me from sharing the journey for my next book! This morning on a walk with a good friend, I stopped to capture some of the ideas we were discussing because I felt they were so relevant to expanding on the ideas in “The Courageous Leader: How to Face Any Challenge and Lead Your Team to Success.”  Unbeknownst to me she took this picture and sent it over to me by text saying “This is how you write a book.”



Her words are pretty accurate actually. I can’t tell you how often inspiration has come to me in the oddest places and rather than dismissing the idea I stop to jot it down. Unfortunately a lot of my good ideas come when I’m in the shower so I’ve had to invest in paper and pencil that don’ get wet (it does exist!) and put it right outside my shower door.

Writing a book is nothing more than one idea, one sentence, one paragraph after another captured in a way that others can read it. Is there a book in you?

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