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Teaching an Old Dog (or middle aged woman) New Tricks…

This week my family and I are in Jackson Hole WY skiing for the New Year. My husband has been skiing since he was a kid so he’s undoubtably good. Without me by his side he’d be flying down black diamonds and whipping around moguls. Unfortunately I’m not a great skier. Im not bad either, especially considering I’m self taught later in life and I’ve only actively skied a few years. This year a friend who knew I tended to ski without any real form or technique recommended I ski as if I’ve got a glass of water on my shoulders and only use my lower body to do the work. I tried it and needless to say I’ve fallen a few more times than I would using my old techniques. However, I’m still committed to this new approach because I know if I stick it out I’ll be skiing like a pro and looking like one in a matter of time.

Often, when we are learning new skills, in life and in leadership, we have to unlearn what we have learned -that worked well enough-and suffer some falls before we can propel forward with greater technique and form.

Don’t shy away from unlearning, falling and relearning. Its a part of the journey of Courageous Leadership!



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