Breaking All the Rules

At least once a day, my kids and I walk the dogs around our neighborhood. If it’s nice weather it’s a treat, if not, it’s a chore. Like anything a routine can be boring and cliché. That’s what our neighborhood walks have become. But this particular day was something altogether different. The kids put on their helmets, jumped on their scooters and took off around the block as per our normal route until they sighted a big dirt pile in a nearby yard. The owners had just finished demolition and were breaking ground for their new home. My kids stopped and starred then my daughter said to my son, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He responded telepathically, I assume, because without hesitation they took off to the top of the hill to play. My instinctual parental response was to stop them for a myriad of reasons 1) It could be unsafe 2) They were trespassing 3) We still had to walk the dogs. But instead I let them play. Their escapade lasted for about 15 minutes before they descended from the dirt pile and we resumed our routine neighborhood walk.


How often do we get stuck in old routines and ignore the possibility the new and different all around us presents itself for a little fun? Kids are such a wonderful reminder that anything can be fun, anything can be new and different, even a typical walk around the neighborhood.

Today, instead of playing it safe -go head- break the rules and do something adventurous, promise you that your routine will be safe and sound waiting for you when you choose to return to it. In the meantime, enjoy what the new and different has to offer.

Angela Sebaly

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